Although talk of retirement is enough to make the eyes glaze over of those under the age of 40 (and even a few of those under age 50), it doesn’t have to be dull – unless of course the thought of having a lump sum of around $1,000,000 to play with bores you to tears. That is what someone who enters the workforce at 21 and works until they are 65 can expect to have courtesy of the compulsory superannuation system.

But the possibility of a big fat lump sum payment aside, there are compelling reasons why you should make the most of your superannuation, the least of which is that a life spent on the old age pension may not let us live out our retirement dreams.

So what? You think. Surely you can worry about it later.

It pays to plan ahead, as Superannuation is an important part of your retirement plan.

Gone are the days when you retired at 65 and keeled over a few years later. Now women can expect to live for around another 24 years after they retire, and men another 20.
We can help you plan for a secure financial future.


  • Help you to understand your superannuation.
  • Review your superannuation fund to ensure it is working for you and the best possible option in your circumstances.
  • Consolidate it into one account (if you have more than one superannuation account).
  • Locate any lost superannuation

You can find further information about superannuation here

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