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How We can Help
- Creating a Financial Plan


Gathering the Data – Initial consultation

We sit down with you to gather information, discuss your situation, any concerns and your goals and objectives. We understand each of our clients needs are unique and don’t fit into a one size fits all approach. We will also explain our financial planning process.


Identifying your goals – Client engagement meeting

Together we will go through the financial needs analysis to establish, based on your current situation and what your future needs are, what strategies will best suit your needs. We will also complete our risk profiling tool which will help determine how to best protect your family and your assets.


Identifying Financial Issues – Analysis of information, assessment of your financial status

Once we understand what your goals and concerns are, we can better investigate the most appropriate products and services for your circumstances, if requested we will:

  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current financial situation and compare them to your objectives, needs and priorities.
  • Analysis and research of investments and superannuation products including fees, performance data and asset allocations.
  • Investigate personal risk products such as Life Insurance, Total and Permanent Disability, Income Protection and Trauma Insurance by examining the cost, policy wording, definitions, benefits, claims and strength of all products available for you.
  • For self-employed or business clients we examine the need for Business Expense Insurance benefits.
  • Retirement goals and needs can also be investigated as part of our comprehensive analysis including estate planning, debt reduction/consolidation and/or a cash flow analysis.

Preparing your Financial Plan

Develop the financial planning recommendations and present them to the you. (Statement of Advice). Once our assessment is complete, we will present our recommendations to you. Our Statement of Advice (SOA) will outline all of our recommendations based on the investigations and research we have carried out after our discussions, allowing you to make an informed decision on the advice given. Our fees will be outlined in this document and discussed with you.


Implement the financial planning recommendations

After the plan has been presented and you are happy with our recommendations, we will implement the recommendations. We will then prepare all necessary documentation which may include investment applications, super rollovers, insurance applications and/or in species transfers.


Review your situation

Regular reviews are a fundamental part of the financial planning process, as your life moves into difference stages or your circumstances change its important that we can ensure the strategies in place are working their best for you.

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